En Route Parking is a brand new concept, the first of its kind.  And when it comes to finding out about something brand new, especially without having experienced it for your self, there are bound to be questions.  What’s it all about?  How does it work?  Is it for me?  So, to help answer those questions and explain all about En Route Parking we met up with some real life ‘En Routers’ to get their take on the brand new parking solution for car sharers.

Meet Holly!

Holly is in media sales and works from home in Bristol.

Meet Tracy!

Tracy’s in media sales too, and she works from home in Swindon.

Holly and Tracy have worked together for the same media company for many years.  They’ve recently become remote workers, basing themselves from home and traveling across the region to meet colleagues and dual call on client appointments.

We caught up with Holly and Tracy as they met up in Brockworth, Gloucester en route to a team meeting in Birmingham.

When Holly and Tracy were both invited to a team meeting in Birmingham they knew they wanted to try and travel together.  “It’s the ideal opportunity for us to spend a bit of time together, chatting about work and catching up on life in general.  We’ve worked together for nearly 10 years so we’re good friends as well as work buddies!” explains Holly.
“Choosing En Route Parking is a total no brainer for us.  Neither of us lives near a train station and by the time we get into town and park at the station, we could be halfway up to Birmingham in the car already!  Plus, we wouldn’t be able to get the same train as the journey’s from our respective stations to take different routes” adds Tracy.
En Route Parking provides dedicated parking for car sharers.  Our locations are made up of businesses who have car parks with spare parking spaces during standard working hours Monday to Friday.  A lot of our locations are pubs or hotels as well as farm shops and sporting venues.  Their busiest times tend to be on the weekend so, whilst the majority of us are at work, their spaces lie empty.  That’s where En Route Parking comes in.  We provide a place for car park owners to promote their empty spaces – spaces that commuters like Holly and Tracy can use to meet up en route, park one car all day whilst they share the rest of their journey to work together.
“Primrose Vale Farm Shop was the ideal En Route Parking location for us!  It was right on Tracy’s route to Birmingham from Swindon and just off the M5 for me jump off the motorway and pick Tracy up on my way” says Holly.

“Using En Route really took the hassle out of finding a place to park my car all day” explains Tracy.  “By paying the £3 you know you’ve got a dedicated space and your car’s approved to park there and not get a ticket or worse, clamped!”

“Yeah, it’s comforting to know that the locations are already approved.  It takes the worry out of leaving your car all day and makes finding somewhere to meet up, that’s on the way for both of us really easy” adds Holly.

Tracy booked online to park her car all day at Primrose Vale Farm Shop, just one of 13 En Route Parking locations currently across Gloucestershire.  For just £3 Tracy was guaranteed a space at the car park just off the A417 in Brockworth and allowed her to park there all day worry-free.

One of the best things both Holly and Tracy found about parking en route was sharing the journey to Birmingham.  They saved on fuel and felt good that they had saved a journeys worth of emissions that day too.  They also saved money on parking in Birmingham… and at £13 for the day that was some saving!  But most of all, they loved sharing the journey together – catching up on all things work, preparing for the day ahead and having a laugh along the way too!

“It really is a no brainer for us to use En Route Parking when we’re both heading to the same meeting.  It saves money, saves time and we get time together that we wouldn’t normally get” Tracy commented.  “Booking online was very simple and the website is really easy to use.  I’ll be En Route Parking again, and again, and again!”

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