A NEW travel solution for employees;

Making car sharing easier and more desirable

Making car sharing more convenient

Parking – a contentious issue for many employers.

Often workplaces just don’t have enough spaces to go round.  Those who don’t get a space on site have to find alternative parking nearby and even pay to park whilst at work.

The stress of finding parking and financial cost can affect job satisfaction and morale.

Employee En Route scheme

Talk to us about implementing your own employee En Route Parking scheme

We work with your business to develop and implement your own En Route Parking scheme.  Through data analysis and route planning technology we can establish the common routes your employees take to get to work and seek out ideal En Route Parking locations to establish your tailored scheme.  En Route Parking will assist in rolling out your scheme, providing you with materials to communicate to your staff and drive employee registrations to your exclusive online En Route Parking community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Insufficient staff parking facilities can have a really negative effect on your business corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The overflow from your car parking hits local residential areas, other businesses and if you’re close to town, hits those car parks that are the life blood to high street retailers.

By implementing a successful employee car share scheme you could make a positive impact on your reputation in your local area.

In addition, you’d be contributing to reducing congestion and emission levels within your whole employee catchment area.

Improve staff morale

The daily commute can be a real drain on employees.  Heavy traffic and congestion, rising fuel costs and increasing insurance premiums.  The there’s finding a place to park at work, or somewhere nearby if they don’t get a space on site.  They may even have the added expense of paying for parking whilst at work.

An En Route Parking employee scheme could eliminate all those issues.  By sharing part of their journey to work not only will they save on travel costs, but that stressful commute could become a bit more fun in the company of a co-worker.  Parking problems for staff can even be alleviated should your business provide priority parking for car sharers.  Your En Route Parking scheme members could arrive at work less stressed, feeling more appreciated and a little better off to boot!

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