Park & Share

Share part of your journey to work to
SAVE money, REDUCE carbon emissions and stay COVID safe.


Safe and Sustainable

Sharing your journey to work with a co-worker offers a great way to travel more sustainably.  Taking one car off the road a journey at a time reduces carbon emissions.  Car sharing with a co-worker who you see at work regularly is also a great way to stay COVID safe.

Getting to work in a post-COVID world

The pandemic effected us all, and the way we work, for many has seen a lot of change.  New flexible and smart working practices are being implemented by  many employers.  Our daily commutes to work are likely to never return to the way they were before.

En Route Parking can help you find a new way of getting to work.  A way that reduces your contact with others and a way that provides a flexibility away from peak times and set journey times.  By parking En Route and sharing with a co-worker who you already see on a regular basis gives you a smarter way to travel to work.

Find a car share buddy

Chances are you already know someone at work who uses part of the same route you take to work each day.  In fact, you may even know a few.

Share En Route Parking with your friends and colleagues and find your En Route buddy.

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Do you struggle to find a parking space when you get to work? Take the stress out of your daily commute and SAVE money...

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