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Car share car parking

It’s here, a dedicated parking solution for car sharers.  A safe place for car sharers to meet up.  A location that’s on the the way to work for both of you, and a guaranteed place to leave your car whilst you’re at work.

Check out why En Route Parking is the better way to commute!

What is En Route Parking?

En Route Parking seeks out car parks of businesses such as pubs, hotels, restaurants and tourists attractions located on popular commuter roads.  Those businesses that have surplus parking spaces during your working hours.  We promote those spaces through the En Route Parking website where you can book your space easily online.  You can book a day at a time or days and weeks in advance.

Why use En Route Parking?

Sharing part of your journey to work with someone who takes virtually the same route as you will save you money!  By car sharing you’ll be helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality.  And by parking En Route you can still do those jobs on the way home such as shopping or picking the kids up.

Which Are You?


Do you struggle to find a parking space when you get to work? Take the stress out of your daily commute and SAVE money...

Car Park Owner

Got a car park on a commuter route?  Got spare spaces during office hours?  Generate new revenue and increase footfall...


Parking a sensitive subject in your business?  Local residents upset with the knock on effect on their streets?  En Route can help...

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